Our SE-Projects

Social-Entrepreneurship-Fund for Environmental-Impact

Sustainable Entrepreneuership

a. Nurturing entrepreneurship

We are supporting visionary ideas and bold teams, developing opensource and sustainable innovations.

b. Iterating products

Continously improve and test your ideas and turn them into best practises opensource products.

c. Improving social business model

Turn your products into an organic social business and provide a futureproof perspective for us and the planet.

d. 10 percent Impact-Label

Raise the basic income for everyone and feed further entrepeneurship innovations for a quicker tranformation towards a sustainable world.


Kwilali - A new village

South Africa, Township in Durban

Kwilali takes on our holistic approach to community development and entrepreneurial empowerment. Based in South Africa, we are building community businesses, developing the community in terms of education, infrastructure, security and providing our Global Basic Income – for a place worth living and staying.

  • Visionary Leader: Nicholas Pillay
  • Status: Active
Ovie - implementing visions

Ovie - Implementing Visions

Ovie - Implementing Visions, Munich

Ovie - implementing visions is a social startup. We are buiding the financial, technological and structural infrastructure for a global basic income and a social entrepreneurship fund to offer every human the foundation for their ideas, visions and creativity to thrive.

  • Visionary Leader: Samuel Andert
  • Status: under development

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