Global Basic Income

GBI-Fund for sustainable Social-Impact

Global Basic Income

1. Responsible Shopping

Each purchase from an Impact-Label company is funding a global basic income and social entrepreneurship to foster sustainable evolution.

2. Impact-Marketing

With a percentage of their choice from each sale, companies and individuals are contributing a significant impulse to a sustainable economy.

3. Raffle-Tickets

For each purchase you are making from an Impact-Label company, you will receive raffle-tickets to the monthly mini-basic income voucher lottery.

4. Vouchers & Growth

Once selected you will receive a monthly 10€ voucher, which you can redeem at any Impact-Label partner. The larger the network the higher the basic income will grow.

What is the potential of a basic income?

A basic income can act as an innovative engine for a thriving global economy

Our Hypotheses

It is in the interest of every entrepreneur, that the purchasing power of every human is guaranteed to secure a sustainable social market economy, which is opening up room for new innovative markets, products and services.

With the introduction of a social transaction fee, every entrepreneur will be able to collaboratively sustain a global basic income already today. The higher the transaction volume, the higher the basic income for everyone, the higher the purchasing power of the individual the higher the turnover for entrepreneurs and innovative founders.

With a continuously growing global basic income, we create a dynamic and recursive foundation for a sustainable thriving economy, which is inclusive for everyone, without leaving anyone behind. With this new thriving economic vitality, we stimulate as well a social and emancipatory development for a wide range of diverse individuals and population groups.

Compared to the political concepts of the rollout of a universal basic income, we identify in our collaboratively sustained global approach a key advantage. As we are introducing it slowely from bottom up and out of the community, its is one of the only approaches, which allows a stable paradigm shift, rather than forcing a radical change, which might result in short-term economic fluctuations in the industry. Entrepreneurs have enough time to shape with us the transition peacefully.



By putting with our OVIE platform a basic income into practice, we are simultaneously conducting research to gain new scientific insights, which we will publish openly to the general public.

We hope to answer the following questions and influence its outcome with our involvement and the common sustained foundation positively.:

Are we able to evolve into a social market economy, which will be able to support every human as well es eradicate hunger and poverty globally?

Are we able to spark the entire spectrum of human creativity and innovation potential by providing a sustainable foundation?

Is this a future-proof option for the advancing automatization, which might make the human workforce in many industries obsolete?

Are we able to stabilize the exponential rise of the world population, as history has shown again and again, when the living standards are rising?

Will our basic income through the stabilized economy be able to form with the collective effort a dynamic foundation for world peace?

Are the secured livelihoods and the new peaceful cross-cultural interactions able to solve the topic of rural depopulation and global migration by its root, as homelands are getting economically attractive again?


We will work with all our capacity over the course of the next 30-50 years to enable a basic income for every human on our planet. We have set three major milestones, which we are looking forward to reach together with you.


1 Million Humans - $25


1 Billion Humans - $100


10 Billion Humans - *$500+

*OPEN END - At this point in time, no one can predict, how the market is evolving in the following decades and how far we are able to go. We see our impact label as a first entry point for further exploration of different approaches and cooperations with countries and governments. We continuously research and follow every possible solution to realize a global basic income in an appropriate height for every human, until we have succeeded.

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